I got the biggest kick out of watching the children make their handprint fall trees today!

The children started by letting the teacher paint their hand and forearm with brown paint…

Some of the children giggled when the teacher painted their arms and hands. Other children had to give it some thought before deciding to give it a try:) Not every child enjoys paint on their hands – yet alone paint on their hands and arms!  But in the end, everyone did give it a try:-)

The challenge was making the print on the paper. The children didn’t quite grasp the idea of pressing their hand and arm all the way down on the paper. It usually took a couple of tries before they caught on to the idea that the only way to make both hand and arm prints was to lean down low and turn their arms just a bit more towards the paper.

Once we washed our arms and hands, we came back to add the leaves. We used a little red, orange, green, and yellow paint.

I thought that these turned out just beautiful. I loved how each child chose to add their leaves. Some went with adding leaves to each fingertip (branch) and others just made a collage of leaves…

Here are some of our finished masterpieces!!

Are these beautiful or what??