Our two and three year olds were focusing on the shape of a circle this week and one of their activities was to make a circle collage!

Each of the children were given a round paper plate because of its circular shape to use as the canvas for their circle collage.

The teacher had precut circles from a variety of materials including newspaper, tissue paper, and construction paper.

The children selected circles from the table, added a little glue and attached their circles to their paper plate.

Some of the children spread their circles out around the paper plate but other children preferred to stack their circles one on top of another.

The children enjoyed this simple process. I heard lots of talking and saw lots of gluing going on. As you are coming up with ideas for your young children, don’t overlook the simple ideas. Young children need time to explore the materials and create freely. I could see that the children were very relaxed as they made their circle collages.

I am linking up with Red Ted Art’s blog today!