We have done many variations of this idea in the past and it is always a hit no matter how many times we combine the painting process with bubble wrap.

Each of the children got their own sheet of bubble wrap. Some of the bubble wrap had tiny bubbles and some of the bubble wrap had big bubbles. While the children prepared to start their painting, they worked on popping some of those bubbles!

One thing I hadn’t really noticed before when we tried this activity was how there is such a difference in texture, design, and child interest between the different sized bubble wrap. I observed two different classes as they participated in this process and both classes started off by letting the children paint with brushes on the wrap.

One class used a variety of bright paint colors. The other class used different shades of blue since their week was all about the letter B and the color Blue!

After painting, the children in this class placed a sheet of white paper over their painting and used their hands to run the paper. I noticed the children showed an added interest in the feel of the large bubbles better than the little bubbles.

In this class, they flipped the bubble wrap over on the paper and rubbed the back of the painted bubble wrap. The idea worked out well either way…

After rubbing the paper, the children separated the bubble wrap from the plain sheet of paper to view their prints!

See this very colorful version of bubble wrap painting too!

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