Read the book “Blueberries for Sal” by Robert McCloskey and then make a blueberry pie!

Our preschoolers started off by gluing some strips of manila paper on top of a brown construction paper pie crust.

The children criss-crossed their paper which was a challenging concept for some of the younger children…

Other children caught on very easily…

Once all the pieces of the pie were in place, then the teacher helped the children trim off the excess paper (pie dough) from around the edges.

Then each child dipped a finger in blue paint and made blueberry prints…

The class next door made blueberry pies too! As you can see below, theirs turned out a tad different!

And some of the children preferred to “rub” their blueberries on rather than press them on:)

I like simple activities such as this to extend a story into the classroom. Sometimes I get a little carried away with all the photographs!!

Here are a few fun and simple blueberry ideas from Delightful Learning!

And did these pies make you hungry? Try making a blueberry crisp!

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