Have an in-house field trip in your preschool

In-house field trips are a great alternative for programs who are unable to take their children on out of school field trips.

I happened by the school the day animal safari came for a visit. Because the animal folks came into the school, they were prepared to show the children each animal and in most cases, the children were allowed to touch the animals.

One of the nice things about an in-house field trip is that your students will be given special attention and more time to be engaged in the activity or presentation.

There are lots of ideas for in-house field trips you can consider. Some may cost money and others can be free. You just have to see who or what is in your community and ask.

Ideas to consider include…

  • Paid visitors such as story tellers, crafters, magicians, musicians, or animal handlers.
  • Community visitors such as a policeman, fireman, chef, or dentist.
  • Local groups such as your local high school cheerleaders, band members, or basketball team might come in to put on a little demonstration or offer up a little 1/2 hour coaching session.
  • Parents also can make great visitors as they bring in items or food from home to share their culture or career.

Be sure that your visitor…

  • Gives you a plan of events or presentation before coming.
  • Knows how to gear the presentation towards very young children.
  • Defines the expected length of the visit or presentation.
  • Is aware of the number of children you have that will be attending the presentation or event.
  • The amount of space they will need for the presentation or event.
  • The exact cost (if you are paying them) that they will be charging. Some charge per child.

Field Trip Notes

When our school has an in-house field trip, a permission note is sent out just like any other field trip. This is so parents will be informed of the event and be able to give a heads up to teachers if there are any concerns for such things as allergies or fear of animals.


In many cases, the parents pay a small fee to help offset the cost of an in-house field trip as well. Many times, parents would rather pay for a visitor to come to the school rather than pay for the children to be taken outside of the school.


Plan far enough in advance in scheduling. Visitors can get booked up and you will want them to come as an extention of your learning objectives. For example, if you are having a special emphasis on sports, this would be a good time to bring in a basket ball player!

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