I just love apples and the beginning of a new school year gives me every excuse I can to have fun making and learning about apples.

To make these fun little apple trees, gather up some red, yellow, green paint, and some brown construction paper. I used a tissue roll but you can also use a paper cup to make the circles.

Start by having the children tear the construction paper into long and short, thin strips for the tree and branches.

Invite the children to glue the tree trunks down first, then glue branches all over the trees.

Once all the trunks and branches are glued down. It is time to add some apples!

You can use a tissue paper roll, paper towel roll, or paper cup to dip in paint and make the apple circles.

Then dip your chosen item in the paint and make prints all over the branches.

This would be a great way to make a fall tree as well. Just change to leaf shaped sponges or even square sponges would do!

What I like

  • Letting the children tear their own paper to make the branches is a great way to work on building fine motor control.
  • Giving plenty of time to make all the apple prints they desire! The apple printing is what makes this super fun!

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