This little handwriting book is simple to put together and keep on hand to help children practice their handwriting skills.

The cover of the book is printed on the computer on heavy card stock.

Pieces of lined paper are placed in the center of the book and another sheet of heavy card stock is placed on the back. The pages are all then stapled together to create a book.

The primary purpose of the book in this classroom is for children to practice writing their name. The teacher usually creates a dotted version of the child’s name for the child to trace and then the child practices printing on his or her own.

The children also use the book to practice writing the letters of the alphabet.

They also practice writing numbers.

At times, the teacher will sometimes sit with the children for a little individualized help.

And at other times the children work on their own.

These books are saved throughout the school year and then sent home at the end of school year for parents to keep. The books are kept in the classroom and pulled out for use about once or twice a week.

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