A collaborative quilt is a creative way for children to work together!

The children made group quilts for our continuing celebration of the Indiana State Fair. As I walked into this classroom, I observed the children all gathered around something, so I had to take a closer look to see what all the hub-bub was about.

Preparing the Materials

The teacher had prepared this large sheet of white bulletin board paper by adding colored tape to create a design of squares.

The tape overlapped the ends of the paper which held the paper quilt securely to the floor while the children colored.

A basket of crayons was set out next to the paper quilt…

Working Together

The children then took turns throughout the morning coloring in a square or two of the paper quilt.

Adding to the Process

It is hard to tell here, but there are two pieces of paper that are stapled together so the quilt can be stuffed with newspaper.

Why we Love Quilt Making

What I particularly liked about this activity is that the children used the floor as a space to color and create. It allowed them to sit or lay down and participate in a very relaxed manner. I noticed children who may have otherwise rushed through the coloring process really took their time while on the floor.

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