I just love all the swatter painting that has been going on out there in preschool blog land and happened to be at school and noticed a teacher that had made her own swatters.

My niece and I thought we would make a few of our own swatters.

We used foam squares, straws, hole punches, and a stapler.  But I think you could use paper from other textures as well like sand paper, construction paper, and wall paper.

Just punch holes all around and throughout your squares.

Then staple your straw in the center leaving enough of the straw available for a handle to hold.

We dipped the swatters in the paint…..

And then swatted our paper…

The nice thing about using foam squares and straws is that our swatters were easily washable and we can use them on another day!

Just think of all the ways you could change this up. You could cut the foam into circles, hearts, and more!
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