I keep this product in my kitchen cabinet all the time and love it because of its special kind of adhesive ability to wrap up foods with an easy seal. I buy Glad Press’n Seal wrap from the local grocery store or Walmart.

Pull out a length of the sealing wrap and set it out (adhesive side up) on the table.
Decorate the sheet of sealing wrap with tissue paper squares, construction paper squares, or fabric squares.
We used the left over designer paper towel squares we made the other day! We discovered that we can reposition the paper shapes on the sealing wrap as many times as we want until we are happy with our finished shape.
We then folded the edges of the sealing wrap around our shapes to seal in the shape.
Then we smoothed out the sealed shapes and put them in the window.
The press’n seal wrapped artwork easily clinged to the windows without any tape. I am not sure how long they will stay there but it was okay for the kids to move them to any window they wanted.
I am just holding this one up!
And this one is just clinging to the window!

The kids wanted to enter the Caterpillar too!

The paper towel squares were laid out in a row on the Glad Press’n Seal wrap.
We used a permanent marker to draw legs, antennae, and a face.
We folded the sealing wrap over the caterpillar.
We cut off the extra sealing wrap from each end then we smoothed out the sealing wrap and pushed out all the air bubbles.
We set the caterpillar on the window.
The light shows through!
The end!