The value of a paper plate pumpkin

There is something so simple yet rewarding about making paper plate pumpkins. I know, because I sat down with my class and made my own paper plate pumpkin and while making it, I realized that the process was relaxing, simple, creative, and fun...

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Halloween: Fun Friday features

Last week, on the Discover and Explore linky, we invited our fellow bloggers to share their favorite Halloween posts.  A lot of really fun activities were linked up.  Some activities [...]

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Not so spooky spiders

Ghosts and monsters and spiders, oh my!  A fun, and not so spooky, way to celebrate Halloween in preschool is by exploring all the fun and silliness that comes along [...]

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Pumpkin seed soup

Exploring the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice and feel of pumpkin seeds through the simple water play experience of making pumpkin seed soup!

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