It's a Routine Roundup!

Are your students waiting on you?

Young children are not wired to sit still so keeping students waiting on the teacher can lead to all kinds of unexpected and undesirable consequences.

Is there a better alternative to having to wait?

Yes! Building solid routines help young children do more for themselves and become a more independent participant in their own learning all throughout the classroom day.

Wish you had help coming up with great routines?

Join me for my brand new, enlightening, and information-packed series of workshops on six different routines that you can use everyday in your own classroom.

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How do routines make a positive difference?

Well established and solid routines…

  • Lead to healthy forms of student independence and responsibility.
  • Strengthen important social/emotional skills such as self-regulation and confidence.
  • Foster a sense of community.
  • Promote the development of new skills.
  • Strengthen students’ understanding of concepts and processes.
  • Empower students to feel like they have control over the choices they make which makes them feel more confident and joyful.
  • Direct students towards making healthy choices.
  • Give students and teachers a happier and more productive classroom experience.

As you watch your students grow in their understanding and participation in the routines you establish around the classroom, you will spend less time on managing children and more time in teaching and leading children.

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COUPON CODE: routine

What routines are included?

There are six workshops in this series covering six different tried-and-true routines that we use in our own preschool and prekindergarten age classrooms!

The Workshops that are covered in the Routine Roundup include...

Workshop 1

Question of the Day

This workshop will show you how to kick-start everyday with a simple but intentional question that invites your students to take action, participate in conversation, and build connections to the processes you provide all around the classroom!

Workshop 2

A Center Tour!

Before sending your students off to play in centers, consider giving them a quick center tour. It only takes a few minutes but that few minutes can be a huge difference maker when it comes to center time success. This workshop will give you the scoop on how to lead your students through a quick center tour every single day.

Workshop 3

Please!

Get ready to be excited about inviting your students to sign-in please! This workshop is filled with excellent ideas on how set up and then get the most out of an everyday simple sign-in routine.

Workshop 4

Clean Up Time!

The struggle is real! Getting children actively and happily participating in a clean-up time routine can feel like a daunting task. In this workshop, you will discover the strategies for a High Five clean up time!

Workshop 5

Snack Time!

In this workshop, I will share with you the before, during, and after of our everyday snack-time routine. You will love seeing how this routine supports the process of practicing and mastering important daily life skills along the way.

Workshop 6

Love of Reading

In this workshop you will find out how to develop a reading routine that will teach your preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students to take care of the books in your classroom AND get them happily engaged in quality independent 'reading' time!

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Bonus workshop!

As an added bonus the Routines that Rock workshop is included along with this series!

To get your Routine Roundup series off to a great start, it is important to build your understanding and strategies for designing and implementing solid routines around the classroom. I have included the Routines that Rock workshop with this series as a bonus for those who have not seen it before and as a review for those who have!

Each of your workshops will include…

Downloadable and Printable Handbook

Certificate of Completion

Three Information Packed Video Modules

No need to go anywhere or rush through…
  • You will have unlimited access right from home, school, or any place you will have internet access.
  • You can view any time of the day or night.
  • You can begin, pause, and begin again.
  • You can review each workshop as often as you like!

Your workshops will be available on a set schedule…

For early purchasers two workshops will be immediately available; the remaining workshops will be released, one at a time, on each subsequent Monday.

Savings on top of savings!

If you were to buy all six of these workshops individually you'd pay $179.82 for all six workshops...

As a 'bundle' we sell them for a combined price of $147.97... a 17% savings...

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See what others have to say…

As someone who has been in the field for 25+ years, I never find it boring to listen and learn more about the foundations and fundamentals of early learning. These workshops have showed me that mostly I'm on track with my classroom environment but there is always room for improvement. They have inspired me to change up some of my expectations and routines to be more child centered. I have seen different ways to display objects for learning. I found that just by looking at Deborah's classroom, I have been inspired with new ideas. I love learning from other early educators and Deborah has been an awesome mentor!


I am not referring to just any one of the workshops, as this applies to all I have completed so far. The videos and photos of what you are referencing when you are speaking are invaluable! As they say "A picture is worth a thousand words." Keep the visuals coming! In addition, I have already implemented many of your ideas and am preparing to implement more. I am using them to make my teaching strategies more more hands-on and interactive. Every change that I've made and idea that I've introduced to my students have been met with much enthusiasm and success. This has been money well-spent!!!


I came across Invitation To Play's Introduction and I was hooked. I signed up for Deborah's 6 part Workshop on the spot. Deborah has a way of delivering information, in such a way, that I feel is imperative to today's "way of teaching" Early Childhood. To cut to the chase, Deborah thinks out of the box and we, as Early Childhood teachers, are not meant to be a continuation of what is taught in a book, what is most comfortable for us or what is done year after year. We are meant to be creative, follow a child's lead, engage the child in the most supportive, kind, loving, community based environment for the child to grow as an independent thinker with a solid foundation of one's self esteem.


Don’t forget to use your special 25% discount!

COUPON CODE: routine

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