Sing-Along Prop Box

Learn how adding a few simple props can turn a simple song into a favorite song! Watch and Deborah will help you start your own sing-along prop box.

Music for the classroom!

Hi there! I hope you’re enjoying the tutorial so far. Did you know that I have written a BUNCH of songs that you can use in the classroom? These songs invite your children to engage in discussion, exploration, play and, of course, singing! Whether through singing, dancing or role-play your children will love these songs. I know mine do! Download your copy today.

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Sing-Along Pocket Book

You will never forget a song when you bring your sing-along pocket book along! Watch and I will show you how to make one!

Wonderful Wall!

Every day I hear from educators like yourself who share with me their appreciation for what they’re learning from my workshops or how much they love my music. If you’re looking to take a break from the tutorial for a moment you can visit my ‘Wonderful Wall’ to see how others are inspired and encouraged by tutorials and workshops just like this one.

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Sing-Along Stick Puppets

Get your students excited and involved in selecting their favorite songs to singalong!Watch and Deborah will help you start your own collection of sing-along stick puppets.

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Deborah Stewart, M.Ed.

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