Circle Time

Say goodbye to calendar time!

How you can be intentional using developmentally appropriate morning routines I know - calendar time is a tradition. It's something you've probably always done. It's something that you just never want [...]

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The weather helper in preschool

Every morning after the children come to preschool, we settle into our morning group time and talk about the weather. It's been interesting how much learning takes place and how much growth and development I have seem stem from this simple process of documenting and talking about the weather.

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Storybook games

A neat way to expand on a favorite children's book! Anytime I find a children's book that is really well written and I know my students will enjoy it - [...]

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All you need is a box

A great way to ignite your students' curiosity and expand their imagination! We spent quite a bit of time exploring different ways you can use a box in our classroom. [...]

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