High five for hands!

I made up a little high five game on our clip boards for the children to try. My goal was to encourage the children to explore a little counting in the process and it worked out fabulously! Read all about it on my blog!

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Designing with Qtips on the math table

I love offering the children everyday, simple things, like Qtips, to design and create with. I always hope that by supplying the children common household products, they might even be inspired to try the activities at home.

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At play on the math table

As each new school year comes around, I add a little something here and there to spruce up the learning environment and to give me a little new inspiration in [...]

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Dominoes on the tinker table

Dominoes are a wonderful tool for play and I have a collection of dominoes that I pull out every school year for the children to explore. On this particular day, the children spent time tinkering with dominoes on our tinker table...

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More with math bags

Over the past four years, I have blogged off and on about our math bags so I thought I would bring a little update to our use of the math [...]

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