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My favorite curriculum supplement for preschool

I always enjoy designing my own curriculum based on my student's development, interests, and experiences I want to provide and I love how Scholastic's magazines gives me a fabulous resource to share with my students and yet still allows room for us to take the concepts being presented in a way that makes sense or is interesting to us.

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Say goodbye to calendar time!

How you can be intentional using developmentally appropriate morning routines I know - calendar time is a tradition. It's something you've probably always done. It's something that you just never want [...]

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The weather helper in preschool

Every morning after the children come to preschool, we settle into our morning group time and talk about the weather. It's been interesting how much learning takes place and how much growth and development I have seem stem from this simple process of documenting and talking about the weather.

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Rainbow felt puzzles

Rainbows are such a wonderful way to review and explore color and color mixing. As part of our exploration of rainbows, we invited the children to put together these simple felt rainbow puzzles.

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Please pass the orange

With the winter days still around, it is nice to bring a little color into the classroom right now. This past week we have been exploring oranges and we definitely had [...]

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Simple exploration of maps in preschool

I have a little guy in my classroom that is always talking to me about a treasure he has found here or there and what goes well with treasure? Why a treasure map! Inspired by my little guys interest in treasure and treasure maps, we went on a simple exploration of a broad range of maps.

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It must be tummy time!

I want my group times to be all about building community and in my mind, building community is all about being close together, being engaged in the process, being aware of each other as needed, and making any necessary adjustments as we go along.

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